OFWs and Their Families

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OFWs and Their Families

Studies have shown that despite the financial gains of working abroad, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their families become vulnerable to certain challenges when the OFW is away. These include:

• Socio-emotional maladjustment
• Behavioral problems by one or several members of the family
• Breakdown in family and social cohesion

Couple and parenting problems can arise if these challenges are not prepared for. This leads to wasting the potential benefits of working abroad and causing oftentimes irreparable harm to the families left behind.

RMT-CEFAM’s OFW Workshop for institutions helps prepare OFWs before leaving the country.  This workshop is supported by the RMT-CEFAM-produced OFW guides (available in both English and Filipino). These guides were written by select pastoral counselors from RMT-CEFAM with direct experience in helping OFWs. The contents include practices designed to protect and enrich the relationships of OFW couples and their families even if the OFW is away.

For OFWs currently in the Philippines, or OFW families in the country, who would like to have a separate counseling session with an RMT-CEFAM pastoral counselor using the OFW guide, contact us through this website.

For inquiries about the RMT-CEFAM OFW Program, please contact us through this website or email cefam.ateneo@gmail.com.