Our Psycho-Spiritual Approach

The Ruben M. Tanseco, S.J. Center for Family Ministries (RMT-CEFAM)'s approach is faith-based and value-oriented, as well as technique- and skill-oriented.

This means that while RMT-CEFAM is dedicated to maintaining high professional competency and standards in its teaching and pastoral counseling ministries, it does so with an explicit recognition of God’s activity in our lives.

In its programs and services, RMT-CEFAM aims to provide students and trainees, counselees, and members of the community the experience of God working in their lives.

A hand holding a lighted candle

RMT-CEFAM’s programs and services deliver this experience through the processes with which they are conducted. Examples of these processes are:

empathic co-journeying

hope in the client’s capacity for redemptive change

acceptance of the client’s limitedness

certainty of God’s grace

A hand holding out a flower to the sky

Spiritual Themes and Values

In terms of content, our programs and services likewise illuminate spiritual themes and values that we believe are essential to healing and growth, such as:

humility before God

repentance and forgiveness

personal responsibility


altruism and respect

Our Team

RMT-CEFAM is a community of dedicated volunteers and staff, drawn together by a desire to serve others, according to our shared values of empathy, kindness, and a faith in a loving God. Our team offers RMT-CEFAM to all— as your sanctuary of hope, healing, and growth.

How May We Assist You?

We can help schedule your pastoral counseling appointment, reserve your slot for CANA, or in parenting workshops, guide you through our academic programs, customize your training needs, or link you to our outreach programs.