Frequently Asked Questions

Pastoral Counseling
May I choose a counselor?
Why are donations needed?
I am not Catholic. Can I avail of your counseling services? How can you help me if our beliefs are different?
Are RMT-CEFAM counselors psychologists or psychiatrists?
I do not have a background in counseling or psychology. Will this be a disadvantage in taking the Professional Diploma (PD) course?
I do not have a college degree. May I enroll in the PD program?
Is the course only for Catholic counselors?
What is the workload of the PD program?
After earning a PD, am I qualified to be part of the RMT-CEFAM staff?
Is the PD a professional credential?
Can the RMT-CEFAM Professional Diploma lead to a master’s degree at the Loyola School of Theology?
Can we get Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits when we take RMT-CEFAM programs?
CANA: Marriage Preparation Program
How do we reserve a slot for the CANA Weekend?
What if I need to cancel my reservation? Do I get a refund?
How far before the wedding should we set the schedule?
Does the certificate have a validity or expiration date?
Can we use the RMT-CEFAM issued certificates for parish and city hall marriage requirements?
Can non-Catholics attend the CANA Program?
How do I donate to Daluyan
How do we arrange for a parenting workshop for our school or organization?

How May We Assist You?

We can help schedule your pastoral counseling appointment, reserve your slot for CANA, or in parenting workshops, guide you through our academic programs, customize your training needs, or link you to our outreach programs.