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A Message from the President

My dear friends in the family ministry,

Peace and Joy!

Various challenges have hit vulnerable sectors in our country: widows and orphans of the Drug War due to the prevalence of drug addiction, homelessness, child cyberporn apart from the challenges of marital and family issues of infidelity, miscommunication, financial mismanagement, and the pandemic of COVID-19.

In RMT-CEFAM, we envision our families towards INTEGRITY (TRUTH vs. fake news, COMMON GOOD vs. corruption, and WALK THE TALK vs. all words without action).

We commit to continue HEALING the FAMILY’S past memories, present dysfunctional patterns of interactions, and design the future family dream.

We commit to STRENGTHEN SOLIDARITY IN THE SPIRIT of the whole family.  We are determined to celebrate the gifts of individuality and harmony, unity in diversity, and creative reconciliation.

We continually commit to serve you in a psycho-spiritual legacy, a culture of TRUTH, JUSTICE, LOVE AND MERCY through multiplication of competence of academic and curative-preventive programs.

Join us in building our family dream: “TAHANANG TAPAT, UGAT NG LAHAT; TAHANANG TAPAT, DIYOS ANG UGAT.”

Fr. Teodulo P. Gonzales, S.J.

Our Mission

The Ruben M. Tanseco, S.J. Center for Family Ministries (RMT-CEFAM), participating in the mission of the Society of Jesus, aims to empower the Filipino family to become a community of love, justice, and peace, both in the home and in its social role and responsibility to the nation and to the world.

We pioneer in a psycho-spiritual approach for our pastoral counseling services, growth seminars, and academic training programs.

We believe in the one God of the one human race in cooperating with all men and women of goodwill in our service to humankind.

Our Purpose

The Ruben M. Tanseco, S.J. Center for Family Ministries Foundation, Inc. (RMT-CEFAM) was established in 1987. RMT-CEFAM is a non-stock, non-profit corporation registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1991. It has the following objectives:

To aid in the promotion and enrichment of the Filipino family as a "domestic church," a community of love, justice, and peace, both within the home and in its social role and responsibility to the nation and to the world.

To focus its direction on the multiplication of competence, the training of others (lay persons, clerics, and sisters), with the hope of reaching out to all sectors of the Philippine society.

RMT-CEFAM, together with its many dedicated lay partners, professional and administrative staff, is the official family apostolate of the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus.

Our Team

RMT-CEFAM is a community of dedicated volunteers and staff, drawn together by a desire to serve others, according to our shared values of empathy, kindness, and a faith in a loving God. Our team offers RMT-CEFAM to all— as your sanctuary of hope, healing, and growth.

Fr. Ruben M. Tanseco, S.J.

Founder and Chairman Emeritus

Fr. Ruben M. Tanseco, S.J. joined the Society of Jesus in June 1953. After his ordination in New York in 1965, Fr. Ruben pursued a master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling at the University of Detroit, followed by attendance at an Internship Program at the Mental Health Institute in California.

Upon his return to the Philippines, Fr. Ruben embarked on a path that came to define his life's mission - as a teacher, Jesuit formator, retreat master, author, lecturer, columnist, speaker. He was widely known and respected as an initiator, motivator, mover, guiding spirit, and indefatigable worker in the "trenches."

Fr. Ruben brought the Marriage Encounter Weekend to the Philippines, the “flagship” of his ministry. This fostered the strengthening and empowering of thousands of couples' marriages. He conducted marital and premarital counseling as well as taught formal courses in marriage and pastoral counseling.

In 1987, Fr. Ruben established the Center for Family Ministries Foundation, Inc., leading its multiple endeavors beyond two decades. This was supported by a solid team of counselors, administrative staff, and some select Jesuits. Fr. Ruben retired in 2018. He passed away at age 88 on September 23, 2020.

Our Accreditations

Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)

Registered and recognized by the DSWD for “its efforts to contribute to the upliftment of the poor, vulnerable, and disadvantaged sector of our society".

Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC)

Awarded with a five-year certification for adhering to “the PCNC standards of good governance, management, and accountability".

Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)/ PCNC Accreditation

Recognized by the BIR Quezon City as a registered donee institution (being an accredited institution of PCNC). Donations received by the Center “entitle the donor/s to FULL or LIMITED DEDUCTION... and EXEMPTION FROM DONOR’S TAX.”

Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) CPD Provider

Accredited by the CPD Council of Guidance and Counseling to conduct Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs.

Our Alumni Program

The RMT-CEFAM Alumni Association, Inc. (CAAI) is a mission partner of the Ruben M. Tanseco, S.J. Center for Family Ministries (RMT-CEFAM). CAAI members are graduates of the Center's Professional Diploma program. The principles of love, justice, and peace guide the members of the association.

How May We Assist You?

We can help schedule your pastoral counseling appointment, reserve your slot for CANA, or in parenting workshops, guide you through our academic programs, customize your training needs, or link you to our outreach programs.