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Life’s Directions (Integrating Decisions and Spirituality)

A psycho-spiritual retreat rooted in human science and Ignatian Spirituality, for young people or people with young hearts, at their crossroads. This retreat hopes to help sort out confusions, make sense of fusions, discernment, deepened intimacy with Jesus, choosing companions along the way.

Life's Directions accompanies retreatants who have questions about their work (career) and relationships (family and significant others), as well as those who just want to rest and deepen their relationship with God.

On Fire (Integrating Sexuality and Spirituality)

Sexuality is a major issue for the young and the young at heart. On Fire is an apt metaphor for all our passions, urges, desires, and our way of being in the Lord. In this retreat, we pray "Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful. Enkindle in them, the fire of your love." Hopefully, the spirit of love will be in the integrating principle of anyone's life.

San Jose (Father and Son Sharing the Same Spirit)

Men talking to men about life, through "men-toring." A psycho-spiritual retreat to gather men to share their stories about their relationships with their fathers, contact their dreams, lost ideals, hurts, and pains. The goal is to connect with the best of the past and be consumed by a shared purpose (spirituality) with companions/mentors.

One Family, One Dream (Integrating Family and Spirituality)

A workshop wherein the members of the family deal with their sources of light and darkness. In the process, they search for what brings hope. Dreams and desires surface during the sharing. Participants go through reflections and action steps to make their dreams come true. The participants reconnect with God and make Him the center of life. The challenges mentioned below are renewed.

Common themes of the participants are: lack of connectedness between faith and daily life, lack of good parenting and leadership, lack of communication, lack of teamwork or cooperation, and lack of long-lasting fruits.

BASA (Bayan Akayin sa Abot-Tanaw)

If parents and children read, they lead. Better-informed people build better families. This is a module for teaching "Spark Imagination to Build the Nation Through a Culture of Reading".

Agimat (Integrating Leadership and Spirituality) / May “K” Ka Ba? (A Journey of Excellence)

How we raise our sons and daughters have implications on the kind of responsibility they assume later in life. Agimat aims to integrate leadership and spirituality through inspiring stories and excellent examples of best practices.

Maria (Integrating Nurturance and Spirituality)

Through the symbol of Mary, women and mothers are invited to recover their dignity by healing their stories, deepening their relationships, finding their significant purpose. The module will reflect on their blessings, the capacity for compassion, prayer, collaboration, and commitment.

BAGA (Bayanihan sa Awa at Gawa ni Apo)

All of us desire to be "at home." Home is where peace, unity, and education fall into place. In BAGA, we address these dreams and desires. BAGA hopes for integrity through a psycho-spiritual approach through Abot-Kamay (looking for the heartbeat), Abot-Tanaw (searching for God's perspective), and Abot-Kaya (balancing the dignity of the person and the common good). BAGA is built on time-tested principles in family ministry.

My Friends (Kaibigan)

This psycho-spiritual retreat for the youth seeks to develop and build self-knowledge, self-acceptance, and self-purpose. The goal is to form good character, good citizenship, and good governance. This is achieved through having a good relationship within the family. We look into building confidence to choose well, reflect on companions, character, connection with family, and develop creativity.

Servire Retreat

Servire is a positive, strengths-based online retreat. The goal is to clarify or deepen advocacies through stories of passionate individuals who have exemplified joyful service in their communities. They are guided by the Spirit that transforms faith into action.

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