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Family Matters
By: Antonia C. Siy, M.A.
Getting Back on Track with Family Counselingby Antonia C. Siy, M. A.CEFAM / Center for Family MinistriesAntonia Siy (Nina) is a CEFAM Senior Counselor ...
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Ruben M. Tanseco, S.J. Center for Family Ministries (RMT-CEFAM):
The Jesuit Apostolate for the Family in Crisis

Global threats to the loss of spiritual and psychological perspective affect governments and peoples everywhere. Hardest hit of all is the family, the basic unit of society. Grave socio-economic problems and post-modern realities no longer prove conducive for raising healthy and strong families. As a result, the matrimonial bond is less and less indestructible; the solid family structure that once held men, women, and children together has become a loose system that fosters anxiety, confusion, and brokenness. In such a world, there is great need for a place of refuge where people can seek assistance. They need help to be able to, in Robert J. Wick’s words, “see clearly, act faithfully, and appreciate deeply that we are loved by God, no matter how dark or puzzling things seem at certain times in our own lives and in the world at large.”

The Society of Jesus in the Philippines, together with its lay partners, recognizes the gravity of this need for spiritual and psychological perspective in a society where the family is in crisis. As such, it has established the Ruben M. Tanseco, S.J. Center for Family Ministries located in the Ateneo de Manila University campus with a Satellite Counseling Site in Don Bosco Parish, Makati City. This apostolate work has planted the seed that addresses the growing need for Pastoral Ministry in the Philippines.

The Ruben M. Tanseco, S.J. Center for Family Ministries or RMT-CEFAM is a Spiritual-Pastoral Center that aims to empower the Filipino family to become a community of love, justice, and peace in the home. It endeavors to direct families to fulfill its social role and responsibility to the nation and the world as well. For this, it has pioneered the psycho-spiritual approach to addressing the issues of hurting individuals, engaged-to-be-married couples or those struggling with their marriages, and families. Through its undertakings, RMT-CEFAM seeks to promote the family’s well-being, healing, and growth. Towards this end, they provide resources that facilitate the empowerment of the family within the home and in society at large.

Since its inception some twenty years ago, RMT-CEFAM has become an established name in the field of Pastoral Ministry and Family Counseling in the Philippines. It is a frontrunner in this endeavor that has inspired many others to follow suit. Countless people from all corners of the Philippines who have grappled with life direction, struggled with debilitating psychic wounds, and suffered the loss of life’s meaning or worth have sought and found help in this healing place located in a quiet corner of the huge Ateneo de Manila University campus. Moreover, these people continue to refer other hurting individuals, couples, and families to this place. Through sheer word of mouth, many paths seeking healing now lead to RMT-CEFAM where hope has been awakened and perspective in life regained for so many grateful souls. Furthermore, these people have found this hope and perspective so liberating that they have felt compelled to share the good news themselves. As such, they have carried on the commitment to also become healers in a world divided by wounds and strife! It is a seed that has indeed bloomed through the years!

The work multiplies; the ministry goes on. Only the limitedness of resources necessary to keep the Center going keeps it bound. As a non-stock and non-profit corporation, the Ruben M. Tanseco, S.J. Center for Family Ministries Foundation, Inc. relies on the generosity of donors to sustain its programs and keep them running. As such, through the Philippine Jesuit Foundation, we appeal to you for your help.

Be our Jesuit partner in this particular work and ministry! Your support for the Center and the growth of its programs, particularly for the poor, shall be greatly appreciated. We are dedicated to go on reaching out to the Filipino family in crisis as a concrete means to build a stronger Philippines! But we still have a long way to go. The faces of those who have found fresh reasons to live and love make us believe that these efforts are worth it. Your support will enable us to strengthen these efforts even more!


Ruben M. Tanseco, S.J. has traveled a long way. He joined the Jesuit order fifty years ago, after emerging from both Benedictine portals (San Beda High School Class 1949)...

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